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Semiconductor ultrasonic scanning measurement

Semiconductor ultrasonic scanning measurement

VMA S300 ultrasonic scanning microscope

1. The ultrasonic scanning microscope detection technology has the characteristics of fast detection speed and no damage to the workpiece, and is widely used in medical, petroleum, automotive, semiconductor, integrated circuit, new energy, 5G, power electronics industry, military and other fields.
2. A non-destructive testing device that uses ultrasound to image the interior of an object. Compared to other microscopic techniques, the interaction between ultrasound and the object being tested is different from that of light, electron beam, and X-ray. These different physical effects determine the characteristics of the received signal, thus forming the contrast of the micrograph.
3. Image processing technology can ensure that users can easily perform pseudo color display and contrast adjustment. The automatic scanning function can perform fully automatic testing of samples, allowing even personnel without special training to complete the testing task.

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Automatic image measuring instrument

Automatic image measuring instrument

SMC322 Automatic image measuring instrument

1. Suitable for two-dimensional measurement, including geometric elements such as points, lines, circles, rectangles, and the length, angle, contour, shape, surface shape, etc. of parts.
2. By installing a laser, the probe can achieve three-dimensional measurement function.
3. Widely used in industries that require high-precision measurement, such as electronic components, hardware components, plastic molds, ore jewelry, military, aviation, automobiles, optics, etc.

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Intelligent software

Intelligent software

Ins-C Automatic image measurement software

1、 Simple and user-friendly interface
2、 Powerful geometric measurement function
3、 Convenient and fast response to complex shaped workpieces and large-scale workpiece measurement
4、 Flexible user program
5、 Automatically calculate the geometric tolerance of elements
6、 Diversified data reports and graphical data export functions
7、 Rich and open peripheral connection functions

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Machine tool equipment

Machine tool equipment

High speed machining center VM1165

VM11650 vertical machining center is a new generation machining center with high domestic level, with a wide range of machining applications, featuring high rigidity, high precision, high speed, high efficiency, high reliability, and large torque.
This machine tool is suitable for the processing of valve, cam, mold, plate and box parts in industries such as automobiles, motorcycles, aerospace, mechanical manufacturing, sewing machines, motors, instruments, etc. It can be used for small and medium-sized batch and multi variety processing and production, and can also enter automatic lines for batch production.
Using this machine tool can save process equipment, shorten production preparation cycles, ensure component processing quality, and improve production efficiency.

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We provide measurement solutions that create benefits for customers, such as in the automotive industry and mechanical engineering, as well as precision machinery and automation equipment technology, with professional quality solutions.
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Semiconductor chip


New energy vehicle

Intelligent recognition


  • More stable and durable performance

    More stable and durable performance

    It has higher quality in terms of product failure rate and detection accuracy.
    Comprehensive testing of various components can improve the efficiency of the testing process and provide more accurate results with stable performance.

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  • Better imaging effect

    Better imaging effect

    Ultrasonic testing equipment can perform microscopic testing of products and simulate detection images through sensors for operators to analyze, making their imaging clearer and displaying more precise images. It can provide operators with more intuitive detection images and play a role in product detection fault analysis.

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  • Low maintenance difficulty

    Low maintenance difficulty

    Under the premise of non damage, the ultrasonic detector only needs to properly clean the dust, which is extremely simple even for future maintenance. The various detachable structures reduce the engineering quantity and maintenance difficulty, and experienced personnel can maintain it on their own, which can also reduce the overall cost of maintenance.

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  • Long service life and reasonable price

    Long service life and reasonable price

    Ultrasonic scanning microscope has a longer service life and higher resolution. It uses high-quality accessories and materials, which can better ensure its durability. Compared to all new equipment, this ultrasonic scanning microscope will be more reasonable in price, which can also reduce the cost of equipment selection for users.

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